microsoft word 2010 free trial

Writers everywhere are raving about the Microsoft Word 2010 free trial. What about you? You've got a paper to write, a brochure you need for work or a flyer for the bake sale. You want it to look good. You don't want it to look like it was made with the cheap software that shipped free on your computer. And you don't want to spend a lot of money.

Good news. Microsoft is offering a free 60 day trial of its complete Office 2010 software, including Microsoft Word. Sixty days is a long time. You'll be so happy with what you can do you'll want to buy the full upgrade when the trial period ends. The free trial is, of course, available at Microsoft's website.

Microsoft word 2010 Makes it easy

Microsoft Word 2010 make it a snap to combine documents and contrast them with others. The tri-pane panel allows you to see what revisions have been applied to any file. Look at every version at the same time and quickly index deleted text. This is a great new addition that could easily save you several hours each month. There's also a new feature called building blocks that all the publishers are raving about. It lets you put together text from the most common content units like quotes, disclaimers, sidebars and cover pages. This prevents you from having to repeat the same task over and over as you paste from one body of text to another. It also makes all your documents look very consistent.

alternatives to the free trial

Consider Alternative, Completely Free Software. Instead of downloading the Microsoft Word 2007 free trial, which has an expiration date of 30 to 60 days and has numerous conditions attached to it, you might want to think about other options. Today a number of software providers produce a wide variety of free, open source word processing programs that stand their own against Microsoft. These programs are absolutely free of charge. Free word processing software has come a long way over the years, boosted by the open source movement. It offers a low cost solution for most basic operations.

If you are a multi-million dollar business with huge demands on your word processing software, with the need for multi and cross platform functioning, these programs may not be for you. In this case go with the Microsoft Word 2007 free trial. But for most home and small business applications, they are more than adequate. They usually integrate well with other programs, including Google documents. Since they cost nothing (except maybe an optional donation) why not give them a try?

Two of the most popular to Microsoft Word 2007 are AbiWord by SourceGear Corporation and OpenOffice by Sun Microsystems. AbiWord is a stand alone word processor where as OpenOffice offers an entire suite of productivity software, including spreadsheet and presentation applications. AbiWord can be downloaded at You can find OpenOffice at (Disclaimer. This article was written on the OpenOffice Writer.)