FREE TRIAL microsoft office

If you're interested in the Microsoft Office free trial download, you've come to the right place for information. First make sure to read everything on this page before making a decision. Information is your most powerful weapon.

Why you need Microsoft Office

The old Microsoft Office Standard 2007 gives you the most up to date computing tools to enable you to finish jobs faster and easier.

But this year, whether at home or the office, here some different ways the new Microsoft Office 2010 can assist you.

Review your revisions fast. Create your Microsoft Office documents the easy way with Office Standard 2010 and Live Preview. Review revisions to your document without having to search through menus again and again. Experiment with different layout more easily. Improve e-mail security and banish junk mail. Office Standard 2010 utilizes the Office Outlook 2010 junk e- filter to block dangerous attachments and eliminate spam. Also included are security improvements to stop "phishing," a dishonest e-mail ruse to trick you into giving out sensitive information.

Some of the coolest new features are bundled up with Powerpoint 2010, which Microsoft includes in the suite.  They claim that Powerpoint allows you to "create presentations that have an impact - and they are right.  Aside from Oulook, Onenote and Excel, there is probably no better program included in Office.  (The exception, of course, would be Word.)  The new Powerpoint software allows you to embed complicated effects into photographs, like color saturation and different filters. Another cool feature lets you stream you creations live by creating a link for instant viewing over the web.

Word 2010 and the newly updated Office Online also add some cool functionality.  For instance, you can now place your creations on the web from any of your programs, without having to go through an upload program like FTP first.  And Web Aps lets you share your documents with virtually anyone, anywhere.

Save your documents in wider formats. Save any file for PDF or XML. This makes your documents easier to share without having to download additional software. Be proud of the documents you invent. With greatly improved graphic, charting and photo tools, Microsoft Office Standard assist you in making documents that will knock your socks off. A gigantic library of assets, files, tools, and art provides an easy way to make visually stunning presentations.

Where to get the free trial

Okay, the Microsoft Office Download is available for a 60 day free trial offer. It includes everything you need - Word, Powerpoint, and Excel. It requires that you download the trial software onto your computer and then activate it. You must be operating a valid copy of Windows for the free trial to work. After sixty days the suite of programs loses functionality. At that time you must purchase the full upgrade to continue using the product. This will cost you anywhere between $150-$500. The free trial download is available at Microsoft's website.

Mac users can benefit from a similar free trial offer. Go to to obtain a free 30 day trial of Microsoft Office 2008. Note this is only a 30 trail, but you get the full 2008 edition. The same conditions apply as the 60 trial.

Also for Mac users, Apple offers a free trial download of their productivity software iWork for a thirty day trial basis. This is a great alternative to Microsoft and integrates well within the apple frameword. Visit

If you don't want to spend any money at all consider Open Office. OpenOffice is a free open source suite of productivity software meant to be a direct alternative to more costly software. Visit to find out more.